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Want to pursue a hobby with support of an expert teacher and new friends? Want to build your resume and increase your earning power? Want to improve your English for living and working in the US? BAS helps you achieve your goals.

This school is a member of Northern Alameda Adult Education Collective.

Berkeley Adult School Stories

Berkeley Adult School Principal Thomas Reid stands in front of the school, which has a history dating back to 1881.

Education For All

Berkeley Adult School has a long history of championing learning, career readiness and life enrichment Berkeley Adult School first opened its doors in 1881 after ... Read more
Woman Works on Abstract Painting, in a dark room where the large canvas stands on an easel

Art and Wellness

Berkeley Adult School class promotes creativity and mental wellness Crystals Lachman, 44, of Berkeley, says the abuse she experienced during her childhood took a heavy ... Read more
Happy adult woman sitting on the sofa with eyes closed enjoying bright daylight

Lifelong Learning

How Berkeley Adult School Helps Older Students Continue to Grow We’ve all experienced it. You’re going about your daily life – driving in traffic, standing ... Read more
Armando Rodriguez, a man with tattoos and a gray workout shirt in a wheelchair, holds a basketball in a gym and looks towards the camera

Wheelchair basketball player Armando Rodriguez finds passion and purpose in Berkeley Adult School’s gym

Armando Rodriguez, 42 of Union City has been dedicating his free time honing his skills in wheelchair basketball at the Berkeley Adult School Gym. There, ... Read more
Tes Yohannes in scrubs starts to put on a latex glove and smiles for the camera

The Freedom of Education

Career Technical Education enables students to have the career they want When COVID-19 erupted, millions hunkered down, hoping the danger would pass them by. Not ... Read more
Fatima Adcock, a black woman with a brown button up shirt, glasses, and her hair up in a bun, sits at a computer in a classroom and smiles for the camera.

Berkeley Adult School offers Career Technical Education courses with convenient schedules

After being out of the work-force due to medical leave, one student decided to upgrade her computer skill set for today’s technical demands. Berkeley Adult ... Read more
Gabby Ramirez smiles for the camera in a cafe, wearing a black shirt and a white apron and holding a freshly made sandwich

The Pathway to Business Ownership

A culinary experience The Berkeley Adult School (BAS), is a well-known and well-regarded adult education program in the East Bay. The school’s Career Technical Education ... Read more
Adriana DeSouza sits in her office with her diplomas and smiles for the camera

Inspiration to Achieve More

ESL and high school classes give students the tools to succeed Like so many millions of immigrants before her, Adriana Machado De Sousa came to ... Read more
Romelia Perez, a woman with mid-length dark brown hair and a navy blouse, holds her diploma and smiles for the camera.

From Struggle to Success

Romelia Perez, 41, Overcomes Odds to Earn High School Diploma and Pursue Medical Career Romelia Perez, 41, of Oakland, recently completed courses to earn her ... Read more